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What Gift to Give to Each Astrological Sign at Christmas

It's not easy to find original and personalised gifts every birthday or Christmas. So, use the astrological sign of your loved ones as an anti-dryer, to mix with their tastes and personality.

Every year, the pressure rises in November to find the perfect gift. But, between the lack of time, means, and sometimes good ideas to find the present that will please; Christmas shopping can turn into a puzzle. Discover the 12 signs, some small ideas, and tracks, for your friends or family according to their astrological sign.

Brute force, an Aries person can quickly become a real puzzle when it comes to spoiling them. However, it is basically a small tender heart, which will be touched by a personalised or well-directed intention. First, focus on an experience, to offer them new sensations and an imperishable memory.

Gourmand the Taurus? Most certainly, but also a perfect candidate for everything that revolves around care, the balance between body and mind. So please them by offering them gourmet boxes based on local and/or seasonal products.

Bon vivant, the twins are above all mischievous and catchy friends. But they are also intellectuals who hide their game well. To best combine, the two facets of their personality, look for the game side. On the board, escape game, role, etc., there is something to do, and the more convoluted and original the story is, the more likely it will be to please your loved one Gemini.

Looking inside and introspection, Cancer would like to receive gifts to enrich its cosy nest. Soft plaid designed lamp with adjustable light or kit to repair your own objects.

Leo likes to shine and be seen, they are also adventurers with very comfortable trends, they will then most certainly have spotted (and perhaps already succumbed to find out) the disco trend, which emerges both in decoration and fashion. Allow your favourite Leo to shine even more, with small colourful disco balls to hang everywhere at home.

Perhaps the person Virgo has already alluded to or even written some specific examples of the gifts that would please them? This is quite likely, so do not hesitate to ask them the question beforehand. Still, the Virgo loves order, it goes without saying, so why not offer them new ways to organise as the new year approaches? Naturally stressed, it may also be an opportunity to make him enjoy a relaxing treatment, or on a tighter budget a clay mask or a massage kit for the home.

Unlike the Virgo, there is no need to ask Libra for their wishes for Christmas. Or try the experience, and maybe you will have a vague idea of the field to choose from. Rather ambivalent, Libra nevertheless likes to be very attached to bringing out its personality. It's up to you to study their dress style well and offer them an additional accessory. You can also offer them the to develop their creativity concerning their identity, by offering them a workshop for creating jewellery, leather goods or customising a garment.

Passionate, Scorpio loves what is out of the ordinary. Whether it is an experiment to be conducted alone or in a group (such as axe throwing or tasting in an unusual place); or even objects pushing to the exclamation, such as 3D printed accessories, or a cheetah-shaped vase to awaken your wild instinct.

Sagittarius likes to escape, through thought. True adventurers, nevertheless need to stay connected to those they love. Offer them a planisphere to colour, a small photo album or travel tripods, to immortalise their most beautiful walks.

Very traditional, Capricorn will find pleasure in gifts that are constantly renewed but remain rooted in a lineage. Bet on a collection of books by one of their favourite authors, to be enriched on occasion; or kitchen kits or pastry chefs, to be expanded over the years.

Although undecided, Aquarius is nevertheless leaning towards the future, the novelty with a touch of originality. They will then be very inclined to test new experiences, such as free fall in a wind tunnel (it is an Air sign after all), or a high-tech object, such as a wireless charging station, or even a smartphone printer.

Observant and sensitive to the emotions of his entourage, Pisces will be even more touched if the gift resembles them or emanates from a discussion with them. Rather dreamy, they could appreciate a decorative object related to the night, such as a night light, or a lamp that reproduces the sunset. They also like attention marks, so it may be an opportunity to offer them a subscription to receive flowers regularly throughout the year.


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