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What Is "Stacking", This Jewellery Trend Is All the Rage?

Wear a single necklace around your neck and a single ring on your finger? Not anymore! To be at the top of the trend, think accumulation. This is the latest fad on all social networks.

Jewel trend: how to "stack"?

Play finesse

It makes sense a little but admits that it will still be easier to accumulate long necklaces between them rather than breastplate collars, or ties rather than voluminous cuffs.

Be light with the mix and match

Superimpose the choker-style necklace with the boho necklace and the rocker's necklace, it's no! For an elegant result, always stay in the same jewellery spirit. That said, for a "stacking" of bracelets, we advise you to break everything by sliding a pretty watch in the middle of your jewellery.

Thinking about visual harmony

No wonder this fashion trend is a hit on Instagram and Pinterest, the two most greedy social networks of licked images and pretty things. To begin, make it simple: yes, to metal mixed with silver or gold mixed with pink gold.

Monochrome shades are the easiest to master when you start. So, leave the accumulations riskier to bloggers!

Don't do too much

The accumulation of jewellery does not support too much clothing. Nothing like a little black dress to sublimate jewellery with a chic ethnic style. The same goes for the jeans-shirt combo, perfect for highlighting trendy bracelets and fancy necklaces.
Remember: "less is more" is the favourite adage of fashion people!

Shift jewellery with some trendy costume jewellery

The art of "stacking" is above all the art of mixing and matching. Of course, nothing and no one prevents you from wearing jewellery of the same brand or style: it's more convenient and more uncomplicated so as not to risk fashion missteps. But real fashionistas are recognised by the subtle way they mix jewellery pieces with fancy products that bluff everyone.

Finally, don't forget an essential thing: "stacking" is made to be seen. There is no question of hiding your bracelets under the sleeves of your blouse or sweater. As a result, do not neglect your skin, your hands, or your cleavage. A nice manicure and, promised, your "stacking" of rings will be twice as instagrammable!


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