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What is the Difference Between Fashion and Style?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

We all know what fashion is. These are clothes and accessories that the media (fashion magazines, television series, films, etc.) advise us to wear to have a look, allure, impeccable or to the taste of the day. This is what celebrities usually wear, and therefore what makes us want it.

It is hard to appreciate this kind of fashion tyranny. The kind that makes some of us feel like we are never dressed well enough. Believe it, it is better to be stylish than trendy. Having the latest it-bag is one thing: Having an absolutely remarkable personal style is another.

For many women, being trendy or stylish means having a wardrobe jam-packed. In fact, having a style is about feeling completely comfortable with your appearance. You should always be the shining one and not the latest in fashion you have been wearing lately. There is a real difference between expressing your uniqueness through an individual style and being trendy or fashionable.

Fashion Vs Style

The style is timeless, while the fashion expires as soon as the trend has passed. Style is personal, unlike fashion which is worn by almost everyone. A personal style evolves. Just add pieces to your collection. Fashion, on the other hand, needs to be constantly renewed. There is always a new trend in which to invest.

When you are genuine and honest, your personal style helps you feel real. You are yourself, and your style expresses your true nature. On the other hand, when you buy and wear a fashionable piece, you may feel like you are wearing a disguise, or you will feel like someone else.

By expressing your personality through your clothes, you can't be short on style. With fashion ... one day you are trendy, and the next day you are not.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and making fun of what people say.

Many people in the fashion world would like to sell us the latest trends but don't wear them. On the contrary, they cling to their personal style.

Remember, fashion houses have been selling us, for years, the latest trends, as well as fashions to adopt as quickly as they both mark the world of fashion with their own stylistic imprint.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent


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