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What Pair of Trainers to Wear to Be Chic and Trendy Without Heels?

Notice to fashionistas who have trouble with heeled shoes, wearing trainers with your party outfit is a good fashion reflex that should not be deprived! All as elegant as you choose a nice model and combine them well, trainers in the evening are not a fashion misstep.

Want to be stylish with your New Year's dress while dancing until the end of the night? It is possible! For all those who have trouble with heeled shoes or who plan a dance floor marathon, there are very trendy alternatives that allow you to elegantly punctuate your party outfit. In the collective imagination, trainers have no place in the night dressing room. Not chic enough, too casual, ridiculous with a dress... These shoes are not popular in the evening while during the day, you can no longer do without them.

Whatever we say, trainers have an undeniable asset: comfort. They accompany us throughout the day without hurting our feet. Why deprive yourself of this luxury during the holiday season? On New Year's Eve, we want to enjoy and sway until dawn and with a pair of 8 cm heels on our feet, it's not always obvious... So why not let yourself be tempted by a pair of festive trainers that complements our holiday look with chic? Good news, if we don't have time for a last-minute shopping session, there are a few tips to pimp our favourite pair and shine on D-Day!

Which pairs of trainers to choose from with your party outfit?

Basics of the wardrobe during the day, trainers can also be an essential part of our most elegant looks. The big brands of trainers have understood this well so that we can adopt them on the chicest occasions such as Christmas or New Year, they must stand out! Therefore, we will turn more to a glittering model, offbeat, but which will quickly become the flagship piece of the look. To stay in the bright theme, a pretty pair of iridescent trainers will punctuate a festive outfit with class. Small advice, for those who still want to gain height without wearing stiletto heels, we will invest in a pair with platform soles. The ideal trick is to take a few centimetres neither seen nor known!

If we don't have time to run to the shops to buy a new pair of trainers, we can also transform ours to make them chicer! Pimp out our fetish pair so that it elegantly combines with our dress or another outfit, it's quite possible. For an effortless fly effect, simply change the laces. Pretty iridescent laces or simply another colour makes it possible to bring originality to the shoe.

Dress, skirt, pants: how and with what to wear trainers to be chic

Once we have found the ideal pair of trainers or twisted our usual pair, it is now time to dare to wear them with our festive outfit! If we have planned to put on the last little dress we just bought, no problem, it will match perfectly with our pair of glitter shoes. To be at the top of trends, you will wear trainers with a velvet or jacquard suit set. Trainers offer a very chic contrast! Ladies do not be afraid to combine trainers with shorts, this makes it possible to de-dramatize the silhouette. So do not hesitate to adorn ourselves with nice vinyl or lurex shorts or a sequin miniskirt. This is enough to celebrate the arrival of 2023 with great pomp!


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