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What Shoes to Wear with a Black Dress?

The little black dress is a timeless basic for your wardrobe, you can wear it every day to go to work, a restaurant, an outing with friends or even a special event. It gains, even more, to be worn with the right pair of shoes. But what shoes to wear with a black dress?

Shoes with a black dress have a big role to play, they will cut the strict side of this dress. This is where this essential accessory of feminine beauty takes all its meaning to make you stylish, elegant and feminine. You can finally do whatever you want with a black dress, as long as your pair of shoes is right for the circumstances. For example, you are not going to wear a black dress with a pair of pumps in the same way or in the same context as if you wear it with sneakers.

And even if black is to be used sparingly because it tends to harden the features of your face, you can afford to wear a small elegant black dress by giving it pep thanks to your shoes.

How to combine the black dress + shoe duo?

The black dress is, therefore, an essential piece of your wardrobe, the best is to choose it simple and sober, in beautiful materials and to bet on a style that you will wear from season to season without ever getting tired. It is therefore important to choose it with ease, without frills or overly complicated cuts. And of course, playing on accessories like your shoes to give it an extra and special dimension. Again, these are the right combinations that will make the difference to give you style and look.

The objective of your choice of shoes will be to complement, slice and enhance your little black dress. So, opt for colourful, clear or even printed styles. You see what I mean, the most appropriate thing will really be to avoid the total black dress + black shoes look.

You will see, whether you are heels or rather flat, there are several very elegant ways to wear the black dress with the right shoes, and this for all times of the day.

You can build outfits either very elegant and chic, or casual and stylish.

What shoes to wear with a black dress?

I have selected five models of shoes for you to wear with a black dress. It’s off for a good dose of inspiration.

Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots will give elegance to your black dress, I advise you to wear them with a knee-length dress style, midi, or with a sweater dress.

In terms of colours, opt for a camel, brown, burgundy, beige or even grey boot to avoid the total black look that is sad on a daily basis. As I said above, the idea is to energize this dress, to give it character. Colourful shoes combined with a sober and well-structured black dress will do wonders for your overall look.

You can opt for this association for work, for an appointment, or a restaurant

Ankle boots

Ankle boots go very well with a black dress, they will establish its femininity, shape your legs in the right way and dress your feet with style and elegance. As with boots, don't give priority to black low boots to avoid the total look. Rather, choose colours: camel, brown, beige, burgundy or pine green. You can wear thin or thicker black tights, or keep your legs bare if you feel comfortable. The dress may be short but not too every day, or even knee-length. You can opt for this look to go to work, for an appointment or a restaurant.


Flat, relaxed and comfortable, these are the advantages of the sneakers associated with a black dress. This model of shoes will really give a casual side to your dress while maintaining style and femininity. It’s a great look for everyday life that will give you a nice aura. You can choose a fairly short dress style or a knee-length or even midi cigarette model. A belted or non-belted sweater dress will also look great with sneakers.

You can opt for this look for a walk, a family outing or with friends.


100% femininity guaranteed with this combination of black dress and pumps, the ultimate feminine shoe. The pump goes well with all models of black dresses depending on the context: you can afford a short model for an evening or an outing (with or without tights depending on what makes you comfortable and depending on the season); a knee-length or even midi model for an appointment or to go to work.

I advise you not to choose a black pump to avoid the total look. Instead, choose to cut with a colourful pump, it will be much more stylish, and it will give character to your look. Treat yourself to the colours: camel, light beige, nude, red, yellow, golden, silver, peach. The goal will really be to go against the neutrality of black and brighten up your outfit


Like heels, sandals will accentuate the very feminine side of the black dress, while lightly dressing your feet in summer. Choose them also colourful, in nude, golden, silver, camel or beige tones. It would be a shame to limit yourself to black again.

How to use other accessories with your black dress?

Little more tips to enhance your black dress, do not hesitate to dress it in pretty jewellery and beautiful tights. Again, put on colour for jewellery, whether fine and discreet or more showy and colourful jewellery.

For your tights, sobriety remains a must with a black dress. Choose for example opaque black tights for a very classy effect.

Choosing to leave your legs bare is also a good option if the dress is not too short and or if you wear it with sneakers, sandals and pumps more in the summer.

To sum up, for those who like to be flat, you can wear your black dress with sneakers and pumps. For those who prefer to be in heels, opt for knee-high boots, ankle boots, and sandals.


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