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What Style of Top to Wear According to My Morphology?

Shirt, blouse, tank top, T-shirt, bustier... Discover the shapes, materials and colours of tops that best suit your figure. Whether you are round, thin, tall or with a voluptuous chest, follow our guide to betting on the right pieces.

If we really want each season to surf on the latest fashion trends, not all of them are adapted to our silhouette. Each has its specificities. Small breasts or voluptuous breasts, broad shoulders or thin or chubby arms: find out which tops and shirts to adopt to erase all your complexes with style according to your type of morphology.

Morphology in A

Keep in mind that with your morphology, the idea is to flesh out your shoulders and your bust. For this, there is nothing better than tops with volume. On the program: frills, shoulder pads, and even jabots. If you are not a fan, opt for pieces with prints, colours and patterns placed, mainly, on the top of the clothes. They bring volume to your silhouette and that is precisely the goal. Finally, the last option: trapeze and flared shapes that balance your upper body with your hips.

Morphology in 8

Do you have generous curves and a marked waist? You're officially an 8. And you're in luck. Indeed, many tops look great on you. This is particularly the case for fluid but fitted tops, such as camisoles or tank tops with thin straps. You can also fall for the wrap blouses, very trendy this year, the wrap blouses or more simply for the tops with V and square necklines.

Morphology in X

For your morphology, only one watchword: adjust. And yes, you need curved pieces. Also, turn to slightly tight t-shirts, graphic sweatshirts, and sweaters close to the body.

O or oval body shape

Contrary to what one might think, oversized tops, which camouflage your shapes, are not your allies. Quite the contrary. On the other hand, it goes without saying that you should favour fluid tops that hug your shapes. If you are too complex, opt for shirts and T-shirts in dark colours to refine your silhouette. Also, know that an empire waist top is a good alternative in which you will always be comfortable.

V body type

Do you have a V silhouette? It is necessary to put the top of your bust in value. Especially with very feminine pieces based on low necklines, fluid tops in fine materials, and V-neck shirts. With your sporty build, choose tops with thick straps and T-shirts with slightly covering sleeves, kimono, or bald style -mouse. Another option, which lends itself very well to an evening, is the play of transparency or the lace top that highlights your neckline.

H body type

Do people say that you have an androgynous, even boyish figure? Fall for feminine pieces, ultra-straight cut T-shirts, shirts, and tops that you can even tuck into your pants. To increase your silhouette, also dare knitwear and denim, but above all, layering clothes to surf the layering trend, very popular among fashionistas.


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