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What to Wear at the Office Christmas Party?

The famous office party is coming! Need advice on your dress code? We want to wear something different than usual, get out of our comfort zone! Office Christmas parties offer the opportunity to show a more creative and less monotonous side of oneself in a friendly and more relaxed setting!
Of course, we want to be a little daring, but we must not forget that this is still a professional context! And in an ideal world, we want to invest in pieces that we can reintegrate into our wardrobe to make our purchase profitable!

There are basic rules to follow:

Yes, these rules must be repeated today. And even if we repeat them regularly, some of your colleagues will find a way not to apply them. It's a bit like leggings that you say they're not pants and can't be worn with a cropped top ... it seems so hard to understand! So, you should logically avoid dizzying necklines, no dress or skirt that is too short and above all, no excessive transparency. The purpose of the evening is not to visually entertain your office colleagues. The watchword to follow is ELEGANCE!

Dress for the location of the party!

If there is no specific theme, you still must dress according to the location of the party. A chic evening dress is necessary if the event is at a fancy hotel, but less in an urban restaurant bar. When in doubt, it's always worth asking your colleagues what they plan to wear. And gentlemen, jeans are not appropriate for any of your parties. Especially not the one in the office! Unless it is the proposed theme that specifies it.

Be different, daring, aim for a checkmark at the top of your usual style!

In terms of textures and colours, ladies, we take out the sequins, lace, transparency (well-dosed, of course)! These are textures that are very easy to reintegrate into our everyday wardrobe and at any time of the year! For example, the sequins will go very well with your favourite jeans in the middle of summer with a pump and voila! But be careful, if you opt for velvet, know that it is a seasonal material that is worn in autumn/winter only.

Gentlemen, we wear shirts in different colours and/or patterns than everyday ones. Get out of your comfort zone! These new shirts can then easily spice up your professional wardrobe or suit your favourite pair of jeans.

In terms of the type of clothing, ladies, you usually wear the skirt or the dress to the office, so opt for the long pants one-piece or the palazzo for your festive corporate evening! Embellished with a denim jacket or your favourite leather jacket. These items can easily be carried over into everyday life!


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