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What to Wear in July?

That's it, summer is FINALLY here! The weather promises to be particularly hot this season. Light pieces, loose fit and vibrant colours will be our best allies.

We also notice a lot of the influence of the 90s through fashion, which makes us a bit nostalgic for our youthful summers!

Ready to bring super stylish outfits into your wardrobe? Here's what to wear in July.

Tropical shirts are trendy this season! Please note these are not the same Hawaiian shirts that were once popular in the 2000s, but a revisited, cropped version with a more refined cut.

We particularly like those with magnificent tropical floral patterns! Wear it with high-waisted shorts or jeans and unbutton the bottom of it to tie a knot.

The ultimate summer looks!

Is it possible to have a professional look while wearing shorts? Certainly! This summer, opt for the loose linen shorts suit for a very chic summer ensemble.

The combination of the cream ensemble, the black accessories and the straw hat creates an impeccable outfit. Perfect for a day at the office or a restaurant outing!

Nothing like a fluid dress to be comfortable while having style! We particularly like prints.

To balance the very feminine cut of the dress, pair it with white sneakers. The summer dress + sneakers = THE summer duo!

No more tight-fitting shorts with a low waist. Make way for loose high-waisted shorts! This summer, we will see more colourful and well-cut pieces.

All in all, these shorts are a safe bet!

Unless you're absent on social media, you've most likely seen the chunky white sneaker trend pass!

Worn with virtually any outfit, whether it's an evening dress, a printed jumpsuit, or a simple short + t-shirt combo, these shoes are everywhere!

What do we like the most? The contrast that white brings to the whole, as well as their impeccable comfort!

This summer, we love the feminine and romantic side of knotted tops. To replicate the look, all you have to do is get a rather loose shirt, unbutton the bottom buttons, and tie the shirt to your size.

If you don't want to show too much skin, you can wear it with jeans or high-waisted shorts and at the same time define your figure well. We love!

The tie skirt is also very trendy! Whether it's a wrap skirt or simply a skirt with a small, knotted detail, we love the asymmetrical side that flatters the figure.

Get a vibrant colour scheme or a funky print to create 100% inspiring summer looks!

Nothing like fringes to add a little boho touch to your looks! We like the wallet cut.

With a skirt like this, you'll almost feel like you're on vacation!

The tube bikini top, as well as the high-waisted panty, are without a doubt the most popular bikini cuts this summer!

The uppercut is ideal for those who like to sunbathe (some models still come with smaller straps that you can hang on and unhook as you wish. And the high-waisted panty comes to lengthen the leg. 10/10!


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