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Which Jeans to Choose for My Body Type?

An essential piece of the wardrobe, jeans adapt to all styles and can be worn in a thousand and one ways. But it's not easy to choose the right one among the multitude of cuts offered. How to find the perfect jeans, the one that enhances your assets? To find the right denim pants for your figure, follow our fashion tips.

Jeans are essential pants in a wardrobe. It can be worn in any season, as well with trendy sneakers as a pair of high heels. Casual with a white t-shirt, chic with a blouse or shirt or even sexy with a low-cut top ... jeans adapt to all fashion styles.

Slim, skinny, boyfriend, bootcut, flare: it's hard to navigate the jungle of different jeans cuts. Finding the model that will enhance your figure can quickly become a difficult puzzle.

Whether you have wide hips, round or flat buttocks, a small waist or a slender silhouette, there are jeans cuts suitable for all body types. We give you some tips to find the perfect jeans with the greatest ease.


Summary of the different cuts of jeans

The Slim

Slim jeans are very fitted on the legs and which hug the hips and buttocks. This cut of jeans shapes the thighs and calves without completely moulding the ankles.


The Skinny

Very close to the body, the skinny jeans have almost a second skin effect.


The Flare

The flare is a very flared jeans at the bottom and fitted at the hips. The flare cut is reminiscent of the famous elephant leg pants of the ‘70s with the exception that the flare is straight from the thighs to the knees and very flared from the knees to the ankles while the elephant leg flares out.


The Regular or Straight

Regular are straight jeans over the entire length of the leg. Timeless, it emphasizes the body without moulding it.


The Bootcut

The bootcut is jeans that have a slight flare at the bottom from mid-calf, generally at a normal waist, fitted to the thighs, without being tight, and tight to the buttocks.


The Boyfriend

The boyfriend has a loose and comfortable fit, borrowed from the men's wardrobe. There are variations, the girlfriend and the mum jeans which are a little more fitted.


Wide Hips

Do you have wide hips? opt for jeans that do not stick too much at the hips. Straight or regular jeans are made for you. It will put your shapes forward in a harmonious way.

You can also choose bootcut jeans with a slightly high waist and flared bottom. This helps to balance the figure and lengthen the legs while slimmer the hips.

Avoid slim and skinny jeans that accentuate the hips and thighs.

Long Legs

If you have long legs, then straight jeans and slim jeans will look best on you. You can also afford printed or coloured jeans that are perfect for thin and tall legs.

But if you want to minimize their length, go for a bootcut model that will shorten your legs. And don't hesitate to wear light or bleached (very bleached) jeans that will flesh out the silhouette.

To enlarge your figure, avoid shapes that will make you look smaller like flare jeans or bootcut.

To lengthen your legs and slim your figure, choose slim or straight jeans that give an impression of length. On the feet, a pair of heels, to gain a few centimetres!

Generous Thighs

The bootcut is ideal for masking slightly strong thighs. This denim is perfect for lengthening and refining your thighs thanks to the flare at the calf and ankle.

You can also bet on the flare. With the bottom of its legs widened, these jeans conceal the generous thighs while rebalancing the volume of the legs.

For a casual style, go for boyfriend jeans. With its straight cut and quite loose, it will highlight your pretty curves. To balance with heels and a feminine top.


Do you have an O-shape, a bit of a stomach and a little marked waist? The ideal jeans are the one that will increase your size and refine your silhouette. Fall for high waisted jeans, perfect for shaping your stomach. To lengthen your legs, choose a flare fit or jeans with flared legs.

Finally, boost the look with raw or black denim and dare to wear high heels for even more glamour in jeans.

Flat Buttocks

If your butt is a bit flat, these low-rise jeans will give you a dream butt. The essential: the large back pockets. They create an optical illusion and make it possible to gain in density. Choose them placed high up, with a wide flap, the more visible, the better!

Plump Buttocks

If you find your buttocks plump and looking for jeans that don't squish them, turn to high-waisted jeans. Go for straight jeans, simple and effective, in raw or dark shades.

However, avoid jeans that have outside pockets that will give more volume to your buttocks, the same for the patterns.

Banish skinny, slim and other cuts that compress your curves that will look unflattering from behind.

Little Stomach

Adopt without hesitation the high waisted models and the pants with a bridge. For a trendy look, wear jeans that fit the entire stomach are a sure bet. Wear with a wide belt to emphasize the waist.

On the other hand, avoid the low waist cut. It breaks the natural curve of the body and will only highlight your small curves.


“Denim is a love that never fades.” – Elio Fiorucci


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