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Which Model Type of Pants are for my Body Type?

Cigarette cut, wide or skinny? High or low waist? There are almost as many cuts as there are morphologies. Our guide to finding the model that will enhance your curves.

Finding THE perfect pants is no easy task! Too long, too wide, or poorly cut ... You must be patient to find the rare pearl. The ideal pants are the one that highlights our shapes: the waist is slimmer, the buttocks are curved, the thighs well defined ... To be sure to make the right choice, take a good look at your body shape: this is the only way to choose the ideal fit.

Small and thin?

The pants that show off your curves are the slim cuts. So, fall for slim or skinny pants. The 7/8 models that fall at the ankles are also a very good option. Do you find that your buttocks are lacking in shape? Try on carrot pants. And don't forget to always choose a model with pockets at the back: this is ideal for adding volume.
Whatever the model, the choice is yours: high or low waisted it's up to you.

Small with a generous shape?

The best? Choose cigarette to cut pants, straight cut or slim. Choose a medium-sized or high-waisted model. Thus, the stomach and the love handles are erased.
Always prefer a simple model, with flat pockets, long (the 7/8 shapes would compress your figure), plain and dark in colour to refine the ensemble.

Tall and thin?

You have a crazy chance! All styles look good on you ... except maybe the skinny one, which brings out your slim side. In short, you are spoiled for choice, and best of all, you can indulge yourself in any fantasy: shortcuts, patterns, colours. To avoid accentuating the effect of size, however, prefer low-waisted pants. If you want to add some volume to the outfit, wide, bootcut, or the famous flare pants are ideal.
How to wear them? To break up the slender effect, wear the pants with a V-neck T-shirt that falls on the hips. Tuck it in at the front to reveal a cute belt. For a chicer effect, a short, fitted shirt is a must-have.


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