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Which Skirt to Choose According to Your Morphology?

An absolute symbol of femininity, the skirt is a fashion staple that we love to bring out every season. Yes, but here it is, not all models are suitable for all silhouettes.

Just as adorable a skirt can be when worn well, it can get cheesy when chosen the wrong way. Whether you are small or slender, very slim or rather plump, with a marked waist or not, there is a skirt model that will particularly flatter your figure.

Which skirt for which morphology?

Long, midi, mini, high waist, flared, trapeze, buttoned ... some models are better suited to certain body types. By following this rule of thumb, you will already feel much more comfortable in your skirts.

The H-Shape

Your shoulders and hips are the same widths, and your waist is a little marked.

Choose low-waisted skirts to add volume to the hips and buttocks.

Avoid high waisted skirts that catch the eye at the waist.

The inverted pyramid silhouettes

Your shoulders are wide, your legs are slender, and your hips are narrow.

Choose ball, flared, ruffled, draped, pleated, wallet or trapeze skirts… In short, anything that can rebalance the silhouette by adding volume to the lower body and giving you a super feminine look.

Avoid fitted, tight-fitting skirts.

The silhouette in O

You are luscious, curvaceous.

Choose high-waisted skirts that slightly flared (trapeze, corolla, etc.) in a fluid and mat material to slim the waist. The pencil skirt will also look very stylish on you. To energize the outfit and refine the silhouette, put on your best heels.

Avoid pleated or ruffled styles that accentuate the hips and add volume.

The pyramid silhouettes

Your shoulders are narrow, your waist is rather marked, and your hips are generous.

Prefer slightly skater, trapeze or tulip skirts and put the package on the upper body.

Avoid skirts that are too straight, as well as frilly or ruffled models that will only accentuate the width of your hips.


You are less than 1.65m tall and have short legs.

Choose high-waisted mini-skirts that will make your legs longer or split models, very trendy at the moment.

Avoid 3/4, loose and XXL models which break the length of your pretty legs.

Long legs?

You are rather tall, and above all, you have endless legs.

Choose mid-calf or XXL skirts, perfect for your taller size.

Avoid low-waisted mini-skirts that elongate the legs even more.


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