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Why Do We All Want a Midi Skirt?

Neither mini nor XXL, the skirt below the knee allows you to reconcile all those who do not like extremes.

While this model has invaded influencers' dressing rooms for a few seasons, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it this summer. Both feminine and elegant, the mid-length skirt appears to be a perfect compromise.

A thousand and one variations

Fitted or flared, printed, split, or pleated, the midi skirt is endless. The piece is reinvented in a multitude of different materials, embellished with ruffles, embroidery, or buttons. It is therefore impossible not to find happiness.

In terms of colour, everything is allowed. Dark shades such as black, anthracite grey or navy-blue rhyme with sobriety with flashy colours for an assumed punchy look. But also metallic, gold, or silver tones that bring a touch of light and a lot of styles to be adopted with modernity.

You still must know how to wear it subtly without accentuating its retro side too much. The midi skirt can be worn with a simple top, or a plain T-shirt, with or without a message. We say yes to the blouse but be careful not to age the whole: so, we avoid the Claudine collar. To break its too classic side, we also forget blazers. It is also advisable to turn to a pretty leather biker jacket for a little rock'n'roll touch or even a bomber.

Finally, do not hesitate to wear it with heels to refine the leg and slender the silhouette. Sportswear enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that this piece also goes perfectly with a nice pair of sneakers, for a cooler look. One thing is certain: the midi skirt is the must-have of the season to reveal your legs... without doing too much.


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