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Why Is the Wrap Dress So Trendy?

Plain or patterned, the wrap dress is about to wreak havoc. Feminine and practical, this flagship piece born in the 1970s is making its big comeback this summer.

Who says warmth, says fluid dress and pleasant to wear? However, in times of high heat, dressing can easily become a real difficulty. Between too hot textiles and too tight cuts, not all our clothes are suitable for the summer season. That's why wearing a pretty wrap dress is the ideal solution.

For all morphologies

Popularised by Diane Von Furstenberg in 1974, the "wrap dress" is suitable for everyone. Both sophisticated and versatile, she quickly becomes the symbol of the emancipated and independent woman. Knotted on the side and slightly neckline, the wrap dress highlights the waist and chest without highlighting the rest of the silhouette. Enough to satisfy many women looking for the perfect dress, both simple and sexy. Indeed, its fluidity allows it to adapt to all morphologies since it subtly camouflages any extra pounds.

We dare the prints

Plain or patterned, black or coloured, mini or XL, the wrap dress continues to reinvent itself. It is a play that quickly aroused the enthusiasm of many influencers on Instagram. And since the trend is towards floral and polka dot prints, there is no question of depriving ourselves: we finally dare the patterns.

In addition to being very easy to put on, it is an outfit that adapts to any occasion. She is worn at the office with pretty sneakers, on vacation accompanied barefoot and even in the evening with heels. The whole thing is therefore to associate it with the right pair of shoes, according to the expected result.


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