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Winter Coat: Which Model to Choose According to Your Morphology

With the onset of the cold weather, it is high time to think about the coat we will wear this winter. But if trends stand out, we tell you how to choose this wardrobe essential according to your morphology. Small, large, round ... An overview of the coats that will stick perfectly to your skin!

We recently unveiled the 10 fabulous coats for less than £150: for this winter 2021-2022. While it's good to adopt a trendy model this season, it’s even better to choose one that perfectly flatters your body type.

Which coat to choose when you are little?

When you are small, it is better to favour fitted cuts and a length that falls perfectly at the level of the thighs. Say goodbye to long, oversized coats that hug the silhouette. We also opt for the down jacket or the parka which will certainly flatter the legs.

In terms of colours and patterns, we have fun! We adopt one of the trendy colours of this autumn/winter like green or mauve. And level models too, we do not deprive ourselves. This season, we dare the fringed or checked coat, plaid, and tartan style. But still in a short version. Not to mention the blazer jacket, which will dress the silhouettes of the little ones in the blink of an eye.

Which coat to choose when you are small and/or round?

On the other hand, when you are short and round, with hips and buttocks like an 8-shaped body shape, you skip down jackets that weigh down your figure and favour coats that cover these parts. We are also turning to straight, arched, or trapezoidal cuts that will lift the silhouette.

Finally, we opt for models in dark colours: grey, navy blue, burgundy or black for example. And this season, we adopt good old classics by opting for example for a coat with a straight cut. A timeless model that is making a shattering fashion comeback this year. And all those who are fans of looks with a rock spirit, can grab the must-have leather trench coat with belt and cover just the right amount in style.

Which coat to choose when you are grown up?

Nothing better than long coats with an oversized cut. Very trendy this season, adults will be able to wear it easily as it perfectly emphasises slender legs. However, avoid the trapezoidal shape which, will accentuate this effect of grandeur. Unlike the small ones, we will avoid cuts that are too curved or too short. Unless the coats are oversized.

This season, the older ones can grab long double-breasted coats or opt for stacked capes and sleeveless jackets in the fashion trends of the moment. These little novelties will inevitably sublimate the silhouette, in addition to keeping you warm!


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