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Winter Sales: 6 Fashion Purchases That Are Worth the Money in January

The winter sales are in full swing! And yes: in January, the season of discounts and deals is at its height. Shops are selling off their winter merchandise to make way for new collections timidly announcing the return of spring.

And as long as we know how to spot the right purchases, there are savings to be made. There are fewer sizes available, but if you dig a little deeper, you will find that perfect piece!

Winter coats

Unless you need that coat there and then and can afford it, wait until January to add a winter coat to your collection.

Often expensive, this type of clothing enjoys substantial discounts after the holidays.

Winter boots and accessories

Got your eye on a new pair of boots this winter, but the price was dampening your enthusiasm? It's time to go and see if they are still available in your size!

Also take advantage of the January discounts to renew your scarf, gloves, mittens, etc.

Wool and cashmere sweaters

Big, voluminous knits are still at the top of the trends and they are currently on sale because they will be abandoned in a few months.

Now is also the time to shop for sweaters made from premium materials like cashmere and merino wool at a discount. A good investment since they can be worn practically all year round!

Clothing from the latest autumn-winter collections

Keep an eye out for 3-4 season clothing and classic items that you can wear for years to come. Classic jeans, casual jacket, well-cut dress, leather jacket, etc.

Chic clothes and accessories (holiday collections)

Look out for the dressy collections for the holidays on clearance: metallic, jewelled and glitter details do very well on several other chic occasions of the year.


Several autumn jeans collections are currently on sale. If you want to get your hands on a trendy model that you can wear this summer, look for wide-leg styles and faded jeans.

Moreover, the straight cut remains a classic, the jewelled additions will be ultra-trendy, and the boyfriend jeans will be very popular!


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