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Women's Duffle Coat: Discover the Most Beautiful Models of The Season

Duffle coats are a classic style of coat that originated in the British Royal Navy. They are typically made of thick wool and have a hood, toggle fastenings, and a boxy shape. They are warm, practical, and stylish, making them an excellent choice for winter.

Even if it is not necessarily the star of the season in 2023, brands continue to imagine pretty models to punctuate all our looks with style and natural ally against the extreme cold; the duffle coat is a timeless winter dressing room. Discover the latest news and our tips to spend the cold season in style.
When the mercury falls, and you must venture outside, no doubt, it's time to take out your most beautiful coat. If this year, Ladoudoune has reigned supreme over fashion trends; some overcoats are always worn without moderation, such as duffle coats. It's a timeless wardrobe which we like to wrap with style on snowy days. Very popular in the 1960s; since then, it has returned to the forefront of the fashion scene according to trends.
If you continue to wear this coat, it is because it is as elegant as it is comforting. With its two large plated pockets and particular fasteners called Brandenburgs (this refers to a city of the same name near Berlin because these fasteners are derived from those used for the uniforms of the Prussian army), this thick woollen sheet overcoat with the shoulders is recognizable among a thousand. Yes, we are talking about this coat with cone-shaped wooden ties! The duffle coat is so anchored in the women's dressing room that even if it is not the star in the coat department this winter 2023, brands continue to imagine pretty models to punctuate all our seasonal looks in style. If you also like this coat, let yourself wear worn and follow the new guide.

Black, green, camel: what are the trendy women's duffle coat models this season?
Of course, the duffle coat is still worn in 2023! Several brands have folded in four to restore a little modernity to this coat originally worn by English sailors in the 19th century. While specialized shops such as Armor Lux or Saint-James renew their duffle coat models yearly, French women's favourite brands such as Morgan or La Redoute have reinvented this iconic overcoat.
This season, the duffle coat takes on extreme proportions. Either we wear it long, or we wear it short, and there are rarely in between. Because it is ultra-trendy this winter 2023, we will therefore favour this material because it promises a linear look as chic as it is original. The big wool that keeps warm is the essence of the duffle coat, so we will continue to succumb to these models, but in colours at the forefront of trends! Green and red are THE colours to turn to if you want to invest in a new duffle coat. Nude tones such as white and camel are also preferred because they bring a chic touch to the outfit, not to mention the dark, which remains a timeless one that we do not do without.

Duffle coat: how to wear this wool coat in style?
What is practical with the duffle coat is that it brings a touch of elegance to an outfit. Today, it is worn with wide jeans, tailored pants, or a trendy sweater dress. Playing on the whole marine look is also stylish, so we do not hesitate to bring out our most beautiful sailor top and favourite duffle coat to face the rainy winter days. Breaking the codes is as classy as it is trendy, so put on your favourite pair of sneakers and voila!


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