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Women's Fashion Trends: Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 To Remember

What's new in the clothing and fashion accessories departments this season? What are the star pieces to bet on, the colours and cuts to stay at the forefront of style? Here are all the essentials and inspirations decrypted parades just for you.

What are we going to wear this autumn-winter 2022-2023? What do we keep or forget about spring-summer 2022 fashion trends? What are the most beautiful colours of the season that will catch our eye? From fashion week catwalks to our favourite brands, find all the must-haves to wear proudly for lightened looks in all circumstances this winter.

Trending colours and prints of autumn-winter 2022-2023
- We note the return of real red but also the presence of intense purple and eternal shocking pink. Not to mention the natural brown and green atmosphere "walk in the forest".
- In the same way, we are witnessing the comeback of graphic associations such as red & black, black & white, and intense blue & black.

What are the fashionable materials this autumn-winter 2022-2023?
- Outdoor materials, inspired by hiking for outerwear.
- Stretch wools and flannels for tailoring carved as close as possible to the body.
- Lamés effects like haute couture disco.
- The return of the famous Stretch velvet mesh, jogging weights or thinner for small tops.
- The elegant classic smooth velvet and silky satin, in trio with lace, for the chic vamp effect.
- Leather, matte, or varnished effects.

The star and essential pieces to have this autumn-winter 2022-2023
- The large volume down jacket, to wear belted to make it chicer or a faux fur coat like a teddy bear.
- The very structured, shouldered blazer jacket, to wear both at the office and to go out.
- The Barbour spirit jacket, slightly quilted, is to be worn on a printed fuzzy dress and boots.
- The small, fitted cardigan, to wear on a thin strap top and men's pants.
- The silky Caraco with lace border, impeccable under the shouldered blazer jacket.
- The high collar body is perfect with any tailor.
- The black bustier, to be superimposed on a white shirt for example, or on a high-collar sweater.
- Straight-right jeans, neither flared nor tightened at the bottom: to wear with everything!
- To be followed for the most juniors: low-rise jeans, flare cut. At the top? A stretch velvet mesh top.
- The leather-look pants or skirt, in black and white duo with a simple blouse. The most daring will try the leather Bermuda...
- The disco pants that sparkle! With a simple off-white silk blouse and you're done.
- The tight dress, fitted, structured.
- The short skirt, with a body and a large down jacket.

What do we keep from the spring-summer 2022 dressing room?
There is a real fashion turn between spring-summer and the new season this year, you will have to invest... or rather get out of the pieces from last winter that still hold the road: a beautiful classic coat, a men's jacket, your black leather Perfecto forgotten at the bottom of the closet, a silky off-white blouse, loose pants, a silky Caraco...

The fashion tip: update your most classic pieces and boost them with the fashion keys of the season.

Fashion accessories trends autumn-winter 2022-2023: the star shoes of the season
- It is the return of sophisticated shoes and boots: pointed toes, fine heels. We bet on beautiful classic and chic pumps or stilettos as well.
- Big soles and big heels: we're trying the shoe platform this year!
- The big-heeled moccasin continues its way and we do it!
- And always the boots: either sexy Italian style (including thigh boots) or downright rubber gentlewoman farmer style.

Fashionable bags of autumn-winter 2022-2023
- In the wake of the 2000s, it was the great return of the baguette bag.
- The pouch bags always news with their flexible and gathered volumes.
- Monogram bags... but here it can pose a budget problem...!
- Half-moon bags with a wide and short shoulder strap.
- Small to medium-sized quilted, stitched.

The right Jewells to wear
- Tired of big chains with big links? Well, we'll have to deal with it because this trend doesn't want to let go of anything!
- If the earring remains the star Jewell, the big ring is back and imposes itself: - The high fantasy earrings of the 1980s.
- The rhinestone knot shapes.
- Pear-shaped ear pendant beads.
- The rank of pearls has become the most stylish fashion accessory among teenage boys on the page, true! If you have one at home, lock your jewellery box!


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