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Women's Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2022

In 2022, if certain 2021 trends – such as pink and silver – are confirmed, we see fashion evolving towards styles influenced by the 90s and giving pride of place to more minimalist and refined forms, even unisex. Context requires, fashion lives with the times and is moving towards more humility and comfort (well sometimes). Discover the spring-summer 2022 women's fashion trends spotted by us, which are perfectly compatible with the second hand, of course!


Shiny, flashy, especially silver… in short, not discreet. You have the right to sparkle with a thousand lights, and that's good.

The belted coat

We bring a new dimension to the coat with a belted version, which emphasises the waist and thus enhances the silhouette, for an elegant and stylish look. The coat will be rather grey and large at the end of winter and will give way to the trench coat in mid-season. You will understand, the main thing is the belt!

The extra-wide belt

We told you about a belted coat, so you need the right belt! This season, we will see a lot of extra-wide belts worn high waisted (of course), as well as very thin belts worn in pairs for the daring. You choose.

The pink colour

If there's one thing we need at the start of the year, it's to see life in pink and chase away gloomy thoughts. The good news is pink is back in all its forms! But be careful, we will not do in half measures. The colours candy, sugared almond, cherry, raspberry… will dress our blazers and our dresses from top to bottom.

The tiger prints

It's the tiger's turn to mark its territory in the fashion trend of 2022. This animal print will not fail to give the dog (or rather tiger) to our outfits.

The pendant or sautoir necklace

It's always nice to have someone hanging around your neck, isn't it? In the absence of someone, the necklace will easily find a place among your favourite accessories in 2022, with pendants or in long necklace format. Not the most discreet.

The “flare” jeans

Jeans are the talk of the town with each new season. And this year, we are abandoning tight cuts to make way for the wide flare cut, iconic of the 70s. The eternal refrain of fashion that comes and goes to the delight of vintage fans! The cut of the flared jeans is flared, its waist is high, and it will give you a very slender silhouette that adapts to all morphologies. What is the demand of the people?

In winter, wear your jeans with a chunky knit sweater tucked into them. In summer, opt for a bohemian white blouse at the top and wedge espadrilles on the feet, or for a white message t-shirt and sneakers combo. The field of possibilities is wide, like the pants!

Asymmetrical and openwork knit

Every year, the knit is reinvented with style. After playing the card of prints and colours last season, she is trying out a fashion concept with strong graphic potential: asymmetry. Sexy and delicate second-hand clothing is chic, even more so in 2022!


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