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Women's Suits: The Most Beautiful Sets for Autumn/Winter 2022-2023

Whether satin, striped, coloured or more classic, the tailor is timeless. Today it is worn day and night and it is infinitely available according to desires. This chic and sometimes rock'n'roll set will be a must-have for autumn winter 2022-2023. Zoom on the latest news and our fashion tips to adopt them.

Once synonymous with a formal outfit, the tailor has changed a lot and adapted to the new rhythms of women's lives. Today it is undoubtedly part of the basics of our wardrobe. Its main asset? Its ambivalence. If you are rather classic, you will find very beautiful sober tailor sets that will simply elegantly sublimate the silhouette. For the most daring, the tailor is endless. In satin, striped, floral print, leather and even feathered... This set adapts to all styles and all inspirations. At the crossroads between a chic look and a boyfriend style, today's tailor wants to be feminine, modern, and easy-going piece.

Trends to bet on
What tailor sets should we wear this season to be trendy? In this autumn of 2022, this question is tamping fashionistas. If the tailor has inspired designers for years, in ready-to-wear this piece will again be a must-have among autumn-winter 2022-2023 trends. Fashion being an eternal beginning, this season the tailors will have a retro touch. We will fall for colour block style sets and in particular the suits in fuchsia pink, electric blue, or orange. Warm colours such as brown and purple will remain essentials of the season. Not to mention the green bottle that you may see everywhere.

On the material side, we will turn to leather, satin, and wool for hyper-trendy tailoring sets. On the cutting side, the oversize will undoubtedly be the trend to bet on. The "short" or "cropped" suit is also coming back this autumn. The start of 2022 marks the return of striped print for a very "corporate" style.

With what can you wear your pants suit set?
This fashion piece is available for a casual or more formal outfit during the day as well as chic and sensual in the evening. To go to work, we will wear pants suit set with a plain T-shirt or a shirt according to everyone's desires. For winter days, we do not hesitate to wear a beautiful turtleneck sweater underneath. We don't hesitate to put on sneakers that will contrast with the dressed side. The very trendy derbies this season still go perfectly with the tailors. In the evening, however, we will opt for a lace Caraco, a beautiful blouse and we can even dare a lingerie-style body for a sensual side. Day and night, the pumps will delicately highlight the silhouette. But don't forget, if we let ourselves be tempted by a flamboyant colour set, we will bet on sober accessories. Conversely, if you wear a more classic tailor, you can enjoy the accessories.

Ceremonial outfit: which pantsuit to choose for a wedding?
What could be more elegant than a pants suit set to be chic at a wedding? This piece is a very trendy alternative to the traditional dress. Here again, we can have fun in terms of colour and cut. Everything will also depend on the theme of the wedding, if we go to a country wedding, we will favour light tones or floral prints.

A plain colour Caraco will be very classy and pleasant to dance to until the end of the night. For winter or the chilliest ceremonies, a pretty blouse will match perfectly with the rest of the outfit. And if you want to copy the looks of the stars, you don't wear anything under the jacket! To brighten up a slightly sober tailor, you can also let go of the accessories, obviously without stealing the show from the bride. We gain height with stilettos that bring glamour to the outfit.

Which pantsuit to choose according to my morphology?
The ambivalence of the trouser suit set makes it possible to sublimate all women according to their morphology. Whether you are small, tall, round, or thin, each has its own tailor!

If you are small, prefer straight and high-waisted cuts. Avoid too-long pants that shrink. To lengthen your figure, the ideal is to wear heels.

If you are tall, what luck! Everything will suit you perfectly. Treat yourself to the cuts and patterns!

If you are rather round with an O-shape, an oversized jacket will hide the belly for a harmonious silhouette.

When you are thin, you turn to jackets and pocket pants, and bright colours that will bring thickness. The "cropped" tailor jackets will sublimate your beautiful silhouette.

Bonus, you don't hesitate to dare the tailor's jacket without anything underneath if you have a small chest. It's sensual and very trendy!


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