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Work from Home: Stylish Ideas from Trendy to Elegant

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Tips to Stay Trendy

With the majority of us now having to work from home, it’s much easier wearing a comfortable outfit than wearing a tight dress or too-tight jeans.

Despite everything, always try to keep a certain style in your choice of looks in order to feel at the top and motivated.

Here are some ideas for looks to inspire you during your workdays at home.



Hoodie’s are always a good option for combining style and comfort! It gives a very relaxed look, but at the same time trendy too. Put it on with a little skirt or even leather pants to get the perfect dressy touch to tackle your projects in style.

Floral patch hoodie (heather grey) £30


A comfortable outfit, but one that still has the classy touch that we love! the idea of winning look: choose your favourite pair of jeans.

Women's tunic £30

100% cosy look

Nothing is more comfortable than being dressed from head to toe in joggers. Besides, this outfit is more and more popular to wear in everyday life, so you can go out shopping at lunchtime without embarrassment!

Loose jeans

Because not all jeans are uncomfortable! You just have to choose a model according to its elasticity and waist size.

The oversized cardigan

A must-have in the wardrobe, this year is definitely the loose cardigan. It is perfect to complete your outfits with a more revealing top. And for work from the home look, you can very well afford to wear jeans with this one.


Tips to Stay Elegant

It is not always easy to get motivated to dress when the day's schedule is to stay at home:

Either to work (for those who work from home) either to take care of its interior, to rest, or to take care of children.

The temptation is immense to put on the worst clothes in our closet! Laziness, comfort, relaxation at home set us a trap in which we all fall into, letting go or even the total neglect.

If you want to gain confidence and learn to love yourself, you must also give yourself the means and make a minimum of effort, even at home;).

Realise that elegance always starts in private

You cannot cultivate elegance outside if you are not able to develop it first at home and for yourself. Your home is your sanctuary of elegance and you are the queen of this sacred place. So, if you decide to spend the day relaxing at home, be worthy of your sanctuary and relax with as much grace as possible.

Stop saying "I don't care, I’m not seeing anyone today"

With this sentence, you are trying to make yourself guilty of the horrors that you are going to put on your back, and you are justifying yourself not to have to brush your hair or do your make up. This bad excuse is to be banished from your thoughts. There is no day when you don't see anyone ... You see yourself YOU, and that is just the most important person!

Stop keeping your old rags

Telling you that they are ideal for days spent at home ... Clear your wardrobe! Allow yourself only one worn outfit but it must be exclusively reserved for housework. For the rest, find yourself a comfortable outfit (but not neglected) in which you find yourself pretty, comb your hair and add a touch of mascara. And if you want to cook, put on a beautiful apron!

Have aesthetic and quality home wear

Exit the old worn pyjamas and the old grandmother's dressing gown. opt for silk and lace. Having a nice pair of pyjamas or a nice nightie is good for self-esteem and it helps your love life! Think of late Sunday morning breakfasts or relaxing evenings watching a good movie. Feeling pretty and feminine makes these moments even more exquisite…

White spaghetti strap sleeveless lace embellished cami & plaid pyjamas £45

Don't stay in your pyjamas after breakfast

 As beautiful as your pyjamas, it will always set you the trap of letting go:

Zombie-like, feeling of being idle, from chronic laziness to overwhelming fatigue, it is the "softness" that wins you over and it is far from elegant!

And in addition, it very often leads to a real drop in morale! To stay elegant at home, you must first take off your pyjamas and take a good shower to feel fresh and positive!

Midi dress £70

When you dress, choose a simple and comfortable outfit

To be elegant does not necessarily mean to be "pinned". Just forget about jogging, leggings, cuddly clothes, XXL sweater and everything that is similar to what I call "drab mode". If you switch on the drab mode, you will waste your day hanging around on the sofa for hours, nibble on anything throughout the day instead of really enjoying your free time at the height of wealth that it represents. Likewise, if you have to work at home, you can be sure that if you enter this drab mode, you will lose all efficiency and you will have made very little progress at the end of the day.

Put on your pyjamas after dinner and not before

End your day in style by staying well dressed for this meal as it is certainly the most important of the day. You find the people you love deserve to see you shine more than customers or work colleagues! This keeps you confident and energized when talking to your spouse, children or loved ones.


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