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You Are What You Wear ...

Some reasons to make an effort of style

How often do you decide to wear the first thing you find in your wardrobe? It can be tiring and overwhelming at times to be feminine. Some days we wish we could hang our hair up in a fuzzy bun, put on our old, hooded tracksuit and super comfy old sneakers.

With all the solutions offered on social media such as Pinterest or Instagram, and all the ideas of styles, colours that we can read on fashion blogs, it is a pity that some women don't deploy more effort and energy to look their best with each passing day.

Get rid of the laziness that can come over you as soon as you have to dress and embrace your femininity by considering the reasons why you should make an effort of style:

Because life is too short

Don't waste your time with outdated, old-fashioned clothes that don't suit your style or personality! Life is far too short to wear your quality clothes only on special occasions. Why not wear your best outfits, every day? Throw away your used panties, give away your old shoes, get rid of your oversized sweatshirt! Sort out your wardrobe: you deserve perfectly fitting fashion items. Remember to embrace each day that is open to you and make the most of life.

Because you never know who you are going to meet

Isn't it funny that we always have to meet people around us when we haven't made any effort to dress? Going out to the shops in a hurry is a really bad idea if you're wearing your old clothes. It is extremely important to always offer the best of yourself because you just don't know who you will meet when you leave your home.

Because a surprise meeting can always happen

Sometimes clients can only meet with you at a certain time and ... it's now! The last thing you want is to make a bad impression. Always be ready for a surprise meeting by making sure you have an impeccable outfit every day. This could make a difference to your customer and allow you to secure the market coveted by a competitor.

Because you will feel more confident

Confidence should come from within, but it's true that when you look good you also feel amazing. The question is: why shouldn't you feel amazing? You deserve to feel good every day, no matter what your schedule. Whether you have an important meeting or are on your way to the shops, you absolutely have to turn heads everywhere you go!

Because you could meet the chosen one of your heart

Of course, that shouldn't be the main reason why you should make an effort to dress every day, but it certainly matters a bit if you're single. Most of us want to get married and start a family, but first, you need to meet the right person. So, before you decide to wear the first thing you see in your closet, think about how you would like to be seen on a first date.

Because you should show your best assets

If our silhouettes are all different, we all share advantages and small flaws. Most of us have cellulite and maybe a few extra pounds that we don't like very much. However, we all have physical qualities that we must, discreetly, put forward. Stop hiding your curves by dressing in clothes that are too baggy and don't match your figure. Dress properly. You deserve to show off your best assets!

Because you should set an example

If you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, best friend, or even a neighbour and you have someone who respects you, it is your job to lead by example. Set a good example for those around you by taking care of yourself and your clothing choices.

You deserve to be absolutely remarkable at all times - And if that means spending 10 minutes a day showing off your figure and personality, it's worth it.

To find the best fashion choices for your wardrobe, check out our online clothing boutique for affordable ideas. And always remember you are what you wear, so be as flawless as you can be.


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