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Autumn-Winter Trends for Women Over 40

At the start of each season, we make a series of articles devoted to the must-haves from the big fashion catwalks. Of course, the autumn-winter 2021/2022 period is no exception to this rule… So, we have already seen what colour palettes to wear and how to make an avant-garde idea work in everyday life. As a logical continuation, we offer you a sheet on autumn fashion trends for women over 40. In other words, what to wear to stay trendy without at the same time giving up your own proven style?

Fashion for ladies over 40, whether autumn, winter or otherwise, is almost always marked by some peculiarities, so to speak, technical. First, she takes inspiration from the taste of the day, but she does it in a balanced way, never reaching extremes. In other words, it takes a trendy, sometimes extravagant idea and humanises it. It adapts it to reality. If trends for teens propel us somewhere in the clouds, we can safely say that those for more seasoned girls land us without at the same time being too down to earth.

The second specificity that deserves to be mentioned is that the autumn fashion trend for women over 40 is more personal. Yes, stylistic wisdom comes with time which means ladies in their 40s/50s are very familiar with the rules of the game. Over time, they have found that tailoring fashion to one's own style makes a lot more sense than modifying it. So, they add a dash of personality to every vogue, and they do it smoothly. By the way, feeling comfortable in your own skin is also very important to self-confidence and success… But let's finally see how all these great features translate into the fashionista language!

We have already noticed that the colour palettes that are trendy to wear this autumn-winter are much more numerous than usual. Not to get lost in the huge variety of options: our favourites are the classic warm tones for the season, the aristocratic deep velvet-inspired shades, and the surprising flamboyant hues.

Another top trend for 2021/2022 is to dress in a unique colour from head to toe. Of course, close shades belonging to the same range will also do the trick to adopt this trendy look successfully.

Everyone knows that putting together mismatched designs in one outfit is a risky strategy. However, who could make it work if not for the more experienced women of 40, 50 and over? Greenlight then to the mix-and-match!

Loose cuts seem to be everywhere this season! Classic clothes that you wear to go to the office, through to the jeans you wear every day and overall genres that inevitably come back with ever cooler weather. Yes, apparently the quilted puffer jacket and oversized coat will not go out of fashion soon! Ditto for the mesh sweater, leather skirt, bum bag and more… Look at the rest of the autumn-winter 2021/2022 trends and choose the ones that best match your own unique style!


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