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Christmas Gift Ideas to Suit All Styles and Budgets

The holiday season is imminent! So, the time has come to think about the gifts that we will slip under the tree on D-Day. We have selected for you the top fashion nuggets to delight fashionistas and coquettes for sure.

Ah, Christmas! The subtle smell of the tree, the delicious dinners, the moments together... But it is also and above all an opportunity to please those we love. If it seems quite easy to do on paper, you sometimes must dig your brains to find THE perfect gift that will capsize in the blink of an eye. In order not to be wrong and be in tune with the latest fashion trends to adopt, we have reviewed all the pretty pieces to offer without making a mistake. There will be a choice because we have selected ideas for all styles but also for all budgets. All you must do is draw!

What original fashion gift to give to a fashion fan?

Giving a gift that pleases for sure is not an easy task, even more so if the one you want to please is a demanding fashionista. Don't panic, there are nice gifts that she (surely) wouldn't have thought of. For mini handbag addicts in which it is difficult to slip your phone, why not invest in a phone bag? In addition to being stylish, this phone bag gives an ultra-trendy bohemian-chic look.

Another original gift idea, smart sunglasses! the solar brand Ray Ban reinvented its iconic Wayfarer model and equipped it with cameras to capture and share its adventures. It's the perfect gift for a geek fashioner!
Finally, if you have exhausted all your resources, there is a present that will delight all fashion enthusiasts, a gift card from a subscription clothing rental service. With this gift card, you can offer for 1, 2 or 4 months the possibility to renew your wardrobe according to your desires.

Accessories, shoes, clothes, jewellery

Out of inspiration to give a gift to a fashionista who already has all the latest fashionable pieces. For the most classic of them as well as the most sophisticated, you will always make a sensation with a pretty wardrobe basic. Accessories, jewellery, clothes... Betting on timeless people is a sure bet to please, so we don't deprive ourselves of it. A beautiful cashmere sweater like a trendy scarf or chic and practical accessories such as a cosy scarf, a pair of leather gloves or a beautiful belt to trim its look and elegantly mark the size... It's always a winning bet!

Another nice option is a beautiful handbag, it always hits the mark! Think of the pretty smooth leather or crocodile embossed models. We also don't forget the mini bags to wear over the shoulder and other maxi shopping bags to bring everything you need.

For lovers of comfy-chic looks, we will also fall for a pretty pair of white sneakers and why not in a leopard, star print that we don’t do without! For those who dream of spending the winter warm but in style, a beautiful pair of boots will also be a perfect gift. A quilted down jacket will also be welcome under the tree. Very fashionable in the fashion sphere, it will mark the spirits, for sure!

On the jewellery side, there is also an embarrassment of choice: symbolic, sparkling, golden or silver, there is something for everyone. Little advice, if your loved one is a fan of astrology, a necklace with the effigy of his signature will be the (almost) perfect gift. If we let ourselves be tempted by a watch, to aim in the thousand we will choose it vintage! Flagship trend of this 2022-2023 season, we can't go wrong with this essential jewellery.


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