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Fashion @ 50 Plus: This Dress Error That Certainly Ages (and easy to avoid)

There is no age to stay stylish, but bad habits in the wardrobe can sometimes give us a few more years unnecessarily: read on a fashion misstep to avoid an elegant and always dynamic look.

30 years, 40 years, 50 years and over, at each age its fashion and its specificities, even if of course each remains master of its style! If you want to adopt the latest fashion trends of the season, we have also revealed the top 10 essentials to have in your wardrobe at 50: timeless and basic fashion that work and match every time. You still need to know how to choose them well. Poorly adapted, they can go contrary to the expected rendering: indeed, the choice of a wrong cut and/or material can be fatal.

Pay attention to the cut and material of your clothes
Whether you have a slender silhouette or want to camouflage a round belly, it is important to find the right clothes according to their morphology. Thus, the first piece of advice that can be given is to favour cuts rather close to the body that will harmoniously follow your curves. Understand: wearing outfits that are too loose ages. Do not bet on oversized outfits so at the risk of bringing extra volume. It is important to restructure the silhouette by choosing the right size. In the same way, we also avoid the too-tight that could bring out our small complexes and tip over into the effect that we fear. It is therefore important to find the right balance!

For the stockings, it's up to us to the high and fluid waist pants for example or the famous mum jeans (not too stretchy, therefore) that will highlight our shapes and take the size well. As for skirts and dresses, we avoid the (too) short (which we leave to the most "youths") as well as the extra-long that could compact and age because of only a few centimetres.

Note that the beautifully structured blazer jacket with shoulder pads, for example, a big trend of the moment, will also be perfect to accompany your favourite everyday outfits and launch everything. Just like a beautiful timeless trench nicely belted.

Materials also have a role to play. Cheap, synthetic, or too tight like acrylics and other Stretch (with a large percentage), they can remain unflattering. We then bet on fallen materials, with outfits such as thick cotton, silk, jersey, viscose, or polyester crepe that will bring a nice outfit. We also keep in mind that the most obvious remain more say than the brilliant. But if you want to shine, especially during the holidays, allow yourself pretty sequins and other Lurex threads on your favourite stitch, and voila!

Finally, a little tip, think of trendy accessories to boost a set and give a crazy look to nothing!


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