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How To Refine Your Thighs?

To each their own technique to look slimmer in their clothes and slender their silhouette. Here are all our tips and tricks for having thinner thighs, and without a scalpel!

Whether we are round or thin, even struggle, our slightly plump thighs can sometimes play tricks on us and prevent us from showing off our legs. But don't panic, we can cheat easily by wearing the right pieces and the right accessories from our dressing room!

Bet on "smart" pants to refine your thighs

This is often the number one concern of women who find their thighs "too big": finding pants that make for pretty legs. And it's not easy, indeed, to hide your plump thighs in denim! However, there is a very simple solution for them to go unnoticed: flare jeans. With the bottom of its widened legs, this denim conceals generous thighs by rebalancing the volumes of the leg.

And on the pants side, in addition to the essential jeans? There, it is towards the wide pants that you must turn. In summer, it becomes lighter and drowns the curves of the thighs in the fluidity of the fabric. We never tire.

Match the colour of your shoes with your skinny jeans

It's the silly little thing that you don't think of, but which works when you've fallen for skinny jeans instead of just the perfect pants for your body type!

While a second colour would cut the leg visually, a harmony allows you to refine it out of the blue, as if your thighs were thinner than they are. Thanks to the optical effect which lengthens the leg considerably!

Dare to wear culottes

And yes, contrary to what you might think, culottes are ideal for hiding slightly plump thighs. On one condition all the same: wear it with a pair of heels or pretty boots and ankle boots to slim the silhouette.

The winning combo? Wear your culottes with a fitted top to give structure to your outfit and voila!

Go for dresses and slit skirts

Forget the minidress and miniskirt that cut the thighs in just the wrong places, accentuating their width in an unflattering way.

Prefer to show off your legs thanks to a pretty slit in the fabric that slims your thighs in the blink of an eye with a very sexy game of hide and seek! By showing your thighs as you move without displaying them clearly, you will have gazelle legs!

Use the (right) stripes for an optical effect

Focus on vertical stripes that slim you down in the blink of an eye on skirts, dresses, and pants.

On the style side, calm the game of this strong print with a plain top and you're ready and uninhibited!


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