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How to Wear Colourful Outfits?

Dressing in very colourful clothes can be intimidating for some of us. If you don't master colourful outfits, you can achieve a harmonious ensemble like making bad choices and wearing a questionable ensemble. For this reason, many women tend to move away from colour in the composition of their dressing room. They prefer to opt for clothes in neutral colours. You may know a co-worker or friend who has a wardrobe made up entirely of black, grey, or white items. It's comfortable for the functional side, but it can quickly become monotonous.

If you want to master a colourful style for work or your weekend outings, here are some great tips that will help you achieve a fabulous result.

Master the colour step by step ...

If you're just starting to use colour in your outfits, then you'll want to do it in small steps. The best way is to choose neutral clothes, like a white t-shirt with a stylish fit, and then pair it with a bold and colourful piece, like a pair of culottes in an orange stripe. The colour chosen should leave you serene and confident.

For your perfect enhancement, you need to find out which colours flatter you. They will match your skin tone, hair and eyes. Normally you have to choose between light and deep colours. To find out what works best for you, take two pieces from your clothes, go into a dark room and a lighter one. Hold each fabric against your face. The shade that brightens your complexion the most, your eyes and your hair, is the most appropriate.

How to wear a printed garment?

If you're not used to wearing prints, don't mix them up. You can opt for printed pants, possibly associated with a jacket of the same print, or a blouse, for example. Do not mix prints (graphic patterns, animal prints, etc.) as you risk weighing down your figure and overloading your outfit unnecessarily. The idea is to choose a shade that is present in the print you decide to wear and to compose your outfit around it.

How to wear denim?

If you have a very bright colour that is part of your outfit, you can easily tone it down by adding a piece of jeans to your outfit. Blue, black, grey or white denim fabrics are the most suitable. These timeless shades of jeans will minimise the look of a colourful outfit.

How to wear bold colours?

So as not to overload your outfit with a single luminous colour, have fun with neutral shades. Indeed, neutral colours are ideal for balancing an outfit composed of a bold undertone. While black and white work every time, other colours can create a surprise effect. Thus, khaki, navy blue or grey are neutral colours that will enhance the chic look of your outfit.

Try on a coloured dress

If you don't think you're a perfect colour master, opt for a printed or colourful dress. Once you have selected the ideal one, you can combine your favourite tones or use colours from the dress for your accessories. These will allow you to tone down or tone the dominant colour. By coordinating your belt and your shoes in a neutral colour, or by selecting the favourite colour of your dress, you will achieve a nice harmony. Look for elegant contrasts and don’t be afraid of your choices.

Showcase your style

Stepping out of your home in a monochrome outfit can be a stylish choice. However, it's always good to add an element of style to your outfit. A well-made accessory is ideal for enhancing the grace of your outfit. This is also how you assert your style. Colourful jewellery can, for example, create the finishing touch.

“A colourful life deserves a colourful outfit.”


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