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Which Type of Shoes to Take on Holiday?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

At the office, we daydream while thinking of the holidays that we have reserved with our other half or between girlfriends ... We think of the little dresses that we will wear on summer evenings, the shorts that will accompany us every day, bathing suits in which we will bask in the sun…

But wait, isn't something missing? Yes, the shoes! What are we going to wear with all this?

Yes, okay, we're still in the office, but we have the right to dream, right?

To make us wait, we think about what we will put in our suitcases and who will accompany us throughout our holiday.

Shoes are what sets the tone for the outfit. It's the fashion touch that makes the difference in your looks, that's why you shouldn't neglect them! In your suitcase, you need to bring different types of shoes to be ready to go to the beach, stroll the streets, drink glasses of wine on the terrace and go dancing.

When your feet hurt, nothing goes! We are not going to spoil a trip because of that! This is why we carefully choose the shoes we are going to take to be the queen of summer!

Slide Sandals

Slide sandals are the trend of the moment! They slip on quickly; you don't waste time. They will be ideal for your most relaxing moments during the day. Going back and forth to the pool or the Sunday morning market in style. The slide sandal doesn’t take up space in the suitcase, go for it without moderation!


With heels, they will be perfect to decorate your long dresses, pants or skirts. The heel will boost your figure. It will energize your approach which will then be more assured. You can bet on it with your eyes closed for a relaxed evening.

At times, we gladly do without heels, especially on holiday. But for our evenings, it's time to take them out, even on holiday! We don't want to have sore feet. We prefer thick heels or small heels if we want to be stable and more comfortable. We can then dance until the end of the night in style! With a little dress or a maxi dress.

Flat Sandals

The flat sandal is going to be your best ally this summer. Convenient to frolic everywhere, you will be able to walk all day long for strolling, shopping or going to the beach. They go with everything. Short dresses, shorts and small skirts will delight your flat sandals.

Flat Pumps

Flat pumps are the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. Synonymous with summer, you will feel good in pumps. With a pair of little shorts and a nice top. It is THE shoe without headaches.


What is practical with wedges is the stability of the foot. You will be able to walk quite easily while perching on your heels.


Your favourite trainers do not leave you for the year? Can't live without it? We understand you! Going on holiday is not just going to the beach. If you plan to go to a capital, for example, basketball can be useful. Between comfort and style, everything comes together in this shoe. Your favourite trainers will give a boost to your looks. If you plan on walking a lot, it might be a good idea to think about comfort.

It is necessary to choose the right number of pairs of shoes so as not to be too crowded but in order to be able to carry out activities in all serenity.

Tips for taking care of our feet

Sometimes, even with the best shoes on, your feet get a little sore and sore after walking for hours. So, here are a few things you may need to pack in case you need a little more tenderness, care and love.

Dressings for blisters: We always add a few dressings against blisters in our toiletry bag. These things can save your life.

Quality socks: pretty socks make all the difference. We prefer wool or wool / synthetic mixtures. The Smartwool Run Ultralight is perfect for summer and their taller socks are perfect for cooler weather.

Powder for the feet: Putting a little powder on the feet before leaving each day will considerably reduce perspiration and odours.

Pamper your feet: especially if you wear sandals.

Keeping nails cut: Long nails can cause a lot of toe pain, so pack a pair of nail clippers.

Happy Holidays!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe


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